About Us

Welcome to Creative Laine - a realm where vintage charm converges with artistic creativity, opening up a world of limitless exploration.

I'm Hillary Johnston...

An artist whose lifelong journey has been defined by delving into creativity, finding the inherent worth in discarded objects, and breathing new life into them.

Central to my artistic pursuit is the transformation of old books into unique journals, along with the craft of fashioning vibrant fabric-covered counterparts.

However, my artistic horizon extends far beyond the boundaries of journaling, embracing the world of painting and an array of diverse artistic expressions. This odyssey is further enriched by my collection of discarded items, each carrying its own story, seamlessly woven into my artful treasures.

Raised in an artistic family, creativity has been the foundation of my existence from an early age. I began my artistic voyage with the humble wax crayon, passionately blending colors to animate my visions. As I journeyed through school, my adoration for art flourished across various mediums, from paintings to pottery.

This rich artistic upbringing birthed a versatile approach to creativity. My fascination with graphic design intertwined with my professional career, resulting in my current role as an Assistant Vice President of Digital Experience, where structured strategy intersects with boundless artistic expression.

Charcoal to embroidery, ink to woodwork - my artistic sojourn has embraced an array of mediums, each adding a distinctive thread to the tapestry of my creativity. Journals and books have always occupied a cherished space within my heart, tracing back to my formative years as an elementary school student.

The notion of revitalizing vintage and classic children's books into cherished journals resonates deeply with me. Even in the digital era, the tactile allure of pen and paper remains irresistible, offering solace and inspiration amidst the hum of electronics.

In addition to my ardor for crafting and journals, I also pour my heart into the world of mixed-media art. Every stroke of color, every amalgam of texture, mirrors my voyage through diverse artistic mediums. From acrylics to pastels, I revel in crafting pieces that resonate with emotion and creativity.

My original art products transcend mere decoration; they are portals into my personal artistic evolution. With each creation, I extend an invitation to join me in celebrating the expansive realm of artistry and self-expression. Immerse yourself in my collection of original paintings, each capturing a fleeting spark of inspiration, beckoning you to embark on your own artistic odyssey.

At Creative Laine, we don't simply preserve the art of bookmaking; we reimagine it. Every element, from vintage finds to vibrant fabrics, carries a story yearning to be retold through your unique creativity. Our offerings, including handmade journals, watercolor wonders, and fabric-covered treasures, beckon you to partake in our mission: to Explore Artsy Possibilities and unlock the boundless potential residing within you.